when i first met little joe washington he was the wildest, craziest, downright oddest non-standard blues man I ever met. he is the real deal. when i met him he lived in a house with no windows, and he rode a bicycle which he still rides today. matter of fact, he will fix you a bicycle for $10.

one time i was in the company of johnny clyde copeland, joe hughes, sonny boy terry, and other houston greats. when i mentioned the name little joe washington to johnny copeland, he said that little joe has forgotten more music than most of them know. other people call him a genius, seeing that he not only plays but he masters most instruments that he plays.

his musical taste goes from straight up guitar slim style blues to albert collins, who he loved, and joe hughes who is his brother, deep down texas third ward bottom style blues, or he could swing into some stuff by thelonius monk or miles
you just don't know. he plays the guitar with every part of his body. and i do mean every part. to see little joe play is like going to heaven, you feel like you finally saw the real deal.

-sonny james